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Our insurance/VAT guidance service provides advice and assistance to individuals or businesses on insurance policies and VAT regulations.
  • Appropriate advice on choosing insurance plans that suit specific needs and circumstances.
  • Help to understand and comply with complex VAT regulations and reduce risks of non-compliance.
  • Support in navigating insurance claims processes, ensuring timely and fair settlements.
  • Guidance on VAT optimization strategies to effectively manage tax burden and improve financial planning.


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Emirates Classic offers comprehensive insurance and VAT guidance services to ensure legal requirements and adequate protection for individuals and businesses in the UAE.

We partner with leading insurance brokers to provide access to mandatory medical and auto insurance in the UAE. Whether it's covering medical expenses in the event of health issues or vehicle damage, our insurance solutions offer peace of mind and financial security.

Additionally, we work with experienced VAT consultants to assist with VAT registration. If your taxable imports and supplies exceed the threshold set by the UAE government, VAT registration becomes mandatory for resident enterprises. Our VAT guidance services help navigate the registration process smoothly, ensuring compliance with regulations and avoiding penalties.

At Emirates Classic, we understand the importance of staying compliant and protected. Whether you need assistance with insurance coverage or VAT registration, our expert team is here to provide tailored guidance and support. Contact us today for all your Insurance and VAT-related inquiries.

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